Software examples

Fluxy Icon Fluxy computes dynamic processes at medium-organism interfaces in aquatic systems. Such processes commonly called "dynamic speciation" are linked to biological availability of metals, and bio-analogical sensor functioning. They are modelled in terms of nonlinear diffusion-reaction equations. It contains also calculation of the equilibrium concentrations of free cations and ligands. A database for metal complexes, cations and ligands, with thermodynamic constants, chemical rate constants, diffusion coefficients, and other parameters required for flux computation of metals at interfaces is included. Fluxy runs under windows operating system. You can download Fluxy here for free.
photographAR Icon PhotographAR use ARCore technology to place correctly in the space amazing creatures. Create your own reality and take pictures of you and your friends in this strange mixture of real and fantastic. Be creative! With PhotographAR your imagination have no limits! We needs smartphone, compatible with ARCore to run this application. You can download PhotographAR on Google Play for free.
Miro Icon This magic mirror loves you. You are the most beautiful girl on the world for him. He will try to satisfy your most crazy desires, just ask him - Miro, who is the most beautiful girl on the world?. You can download Miro on Google Play for free. If you wish to have a personalized version, send me e-mail.
ChaCha3D Create content for Your VR headset. To take a 3D picture with ChaCha3D on Your smart phone is as easy as dancing cha-cha. You can download ChaCha3D from here.
Magnifico Magnifico Reader improves the readability of the food labels and helps you with the choice of food and drink. This is an intelligent magnifying glass which can read, understand the label content and provide a comprehensive explanation of the food additive properties and the possible hazards. Magnifico Reader works autonomously on a mobile phone (not connected app) and thus protects your privacy. You can download Magnifico Reader on Google Play for free.