Who is this guy?

Having bold background on science (PhD on fractals) I discovered very early the beauty of software developing. I worked on algorithms and typed code for the Human Genome Sequencing project, environmental science, banking industry, computer vision, artificial intelligence and bio-inspired robotics. Through 2007-2011 I have been lucky to bring together my passion for programming with my hobby of sailing. As a researcher in Computer Vision Lab, EPFL, I worked for the team of Alinghi then for Hydropter and Rivage (Bernard Stamm) on reconstructions of the sails shape from pictures or videos.

Breaking the wall!

By the beginning of 2012 the call of the ocean was too strong. I left the office and went sailing freely around Algarve, Andalusia, Morocco and Atlantic Islands. For some reasons (which vary from bad weather to overheat engine) I have been stuck to the marina of Mazagon (Spain) for a few months. The only remarkable thing in Mazagon is the beach, which is one of the longest in Europe. Having nothing else to do I walked along the water every day. There the concept of “Personal software” was born.
Beach of Mazagon

The concept!

Software is what you know. Could be good or bad, but could not be perfect since it is designed to satisfy a large population of users, every one with different background and requirements. Such software usually contains many inputs and outputs (thousands of clicks), possesses complicated logic and therefore is difficult to use and to debug. Last but not least, it is expensive!

On the other extreme is very simple software, which contains only few input and outputs (few clicks), but this is the inputs and outputs you personally need! This is a product perfectly adapted to you. The price for such a software can vary from few USD for Android application to few thousands USD for scientific or banking solution.

Having this concept I sailed back home and try to put it on work. Interested? Just send me e-mail.